VSA1408 Agri-Nature camp (New) 2-14/06- Chonburi ค่ายนานาชาติ ค่ายกสิกรรมธรรมชาติ ณ มูลนิธฺิกสิกรรมธรรมชาติ ชลบุรี

Agri-Nature camp


The project collaborates with the Agri-Nature Foundation, which is the learning center of the King for sufficient economic theory on agriculture and nature living. The foundation organizes the non-formal education school with natural living, and produce their own organic food and education for organic farming.


Volunteers learn and share all of the activities in Maab Aung Agri-Nature Learning Center

·         Non-Formal Education school (Phothaley Mahawitchalai) There are students from kindergarten until university levels.

·         Organic Farm, rice field and agriculture product.

·         Clay House

·         Nature livestock and fish pond.

·         All program may have Thai students learn and share together with participants for the culture exchange.

Location Maab Aung Agri-Nature Learning Center, Chonburi province

Accommodation and food: Stay together in dormitory. Cooking together with local Thai

Terminal Suwannaphume International Airport

Leisure Activities

·         Beach

Extra Fee 6,500 Baht for VSA1408

 By Tum VSA Thailand