VSA1403 Buddhism Community Camp (New) EDU/KIDS 10-22/02 Loei 15

ค่ายอาสานานาชาติ เรียนรู้ชุมชนชาวพุธ เลย ๑๐ - ๒๒ กุมภาพันธ์ ๒๕๕๗
VSA1403 Buddhism Community Camp (New) EDU/KIDS 10-22/02 Loei 15

Buddhism Community camp-Loei


Thamphasantitham Temple is a place for practicing meditation and building strong relationships with local people. The temple is in the center of the community, where everyone can come to learn and share, do Buddhism activities inside the public place. In the past, the temple is the center of the community, after free from their own work of villager, they will go to the temple to do sociality and voluntary work also for   of Buddhism. But now people are far from temple, the monk and temple is now mostly the Buddhist image. People go to the temple only on Buddhism days.

Thamphasantitham Temple  is still the center of the village’s soul, the center of learning sharing and meeting. The relationship between temple, school, and home is very important.This place well known for meditation, and there are many activities organized, such as mediation camp, learning Buddhism camp and they also welcome international volunteers to teach children English in the temple.



1.     Learning and exchanging Buddhism way of living and Thai traditional community living.

·         Volunteers will wake up early morning and follow the monk to the village, this is a routine activity of the monk to receive food from villagers every early morning (around 5:00 a.m.).

·         Volunteers will be a part of Buddhism activity in the temple and in the community.

·         Meditation practicing.

2.     Planting trees

3.     Trekking to learn environment conservation.

4.     Ban huay taad School exchanging (Japanese – Thai exchanging)Location Thamphasantitham Temple Ban Huay Tad, Muang, Loei

Location Thamphasantitham Temple Na dok kham sub-distric, Naduang district, Loei

Accommodation and food Volunteers stay in the temple together in one big room, with a separate area for males and females. It is a open air dormitory. Volunteers take turns to cook Thai food. You are encouraged to bring your ingredients from own country to help create cultural exchange between volunteers.


*        Loei Bus Terminal

*        Loei Airport

Leisure Activities

*        Chiangkan city

*        Phaya Cave

Fee 8,000 Bath

Special Remarks

The camp work in the temple. Short, and shirts that show shoulders are not allowed. Legs and upper arms must be covered at all times.

By Tum VSA