VSA1316 Education Camp – Kanjanaburi

12-24 August 201312-24 August 2013

2 weeks has passed very quickly. I don’t know what we have given for the students. But we all have learned a lot from students. They gave us a lot of experiences such as teaching, cultural and many things.

Good morning teacher, How are you teacher, Thank you teacher see you again next time”

We always remember this. Because is sound from our lovely students. This sound that mean the students ready to start lesson. That is lovely memorable moment.

This workcamp it’s not smooth and it’s not comfortable workcamp. But I believe we all had learn  from this too. 2 weeks we spend time together we had many problem. And the problems made we all understanding each others. The problems made us closed and open.

VSA1316 that was great experience for us. Because we can met with many different people from different countries and met with a good friends here. We had a good time and lovely moments together. And I have to say

Thank you teacher thank you for coming and see you again in the future.”

AVA, Camp leader

23 August 2013