Tatiana and her first half experience time in Thailand

Hello, my name Is Tatiana I'm come from France and I am nineteen years old. I'm in Thailand since the first July, so it's my third month.

In July I met a lot of people who come to different country around the world like Korean, Deutschland, Japanese and for sure a lot of Thai people. 

I can't told you what I exactly do in this first month but in the peace village with the help of Thai volunteers I fix the dormitory it was very difficult because of the weather. One afternoon a school director come to pick me and a French volunteer to help him for find  some applicants who want to be English teacher. At the beginning of every week we work on the organic farm, we planted long been, cucumber, morning glory etc... It's really interesting because I'm live in a big city in French so to be honest the garden and me we are not a good friend. One week-end I was invited by a host family in Sura Thani. They were amazing with me, they took care of me like my real family, I never forget this experience. 

In August I made a road trip with the other French volunteer since 23 days. It was incredible ! But also I had to say goodbye to the volunteer. One of them is a very good friend now. 

About the September month, I started by went to Penang in Malaysia for have a new visa. It was very easy and nice. The next weekend a friend Thai invited me to go in ko-lipe with a French volunteer. When we came back to the peace village we met a lot of new volunteers like Japanese, Switzerland and American. We learned about the peace village expanded in Songkhla. The new location is in a huge school with only thirty eight students. We worked for the renovation of this location like one week. The next week the long term volunteers go to an English camp for teach to one hundred and forty Thai people. This experience was very difficult since the student didn't spoke a word in English.  For my last experience I went to a beautiful organic farm by a famous famer in the Siam kingdom ! This was so interesting and nice to learn with him. 


Au revoir, j'espère voir arriver de nouveaux volontaires français au peace village !