VSA1217 Renovation/Peace Village Sustainable Camp

10 - 22 December 2012

Time here has passed very quickly since we have had various things to do. During two weeks we gave a hand to many projects in Peace Village. Our main task was to do renovation and construction.

The first project was building bamboo ladder for the bridge to the farm because the stairs were broken. We also fixed bamboo chairs and a kitchen counter for the restaurant under advice of teacher Nerat as he showed us how to use bamboo for constructions. Due to the heavy rain the ground in front of the bungalows got muddy so also we made a path out of bricks to keep our feet clean and dry.

volunteers’ teaching programs in Thai Schools and the Orphanage. It was very interesting to observe and be part of teaching.

During our free time we visited the Monkey Temple in SongKhla, the night market in Hat Yai and we had the chance to see a traditional Thai dance show and be part of it by joining in. We were also given a short lesson of Thai language and culture by Thai volunteers. It was very useful to learn some Thai and we have already been using it in our daily life here.

Thanks to the whole VSA team for the great experience and a special credit to our team leader Bird, who put a lot of effort on bringing us closer to the Thai way of life .

 In addition to the renovation work we got the opportunity to join some of the long term

 VSA1217 Campers

Eva, Joo Hong Park and Emma