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Conference ¨GLOBAL PLACE¨ 8-16 of December 2014 Lorca, Spain


Global Partnership for Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating



The objectives of the international conference are:


1) Networking between 17 organizations

·         To broaden and strengthen the network of the organization working on the volunteers exchange globally

·         To develop participants competences in the area of new Erasmus+ program and its possibilities, and if possible on EU Aid Volunteers programme

·         To build and develop plans for EVS global exchange

·         To discuss the future of and how partnership can use it

2) Learning for the future EVS projects

·         To share and evaluate experience and best practices regarding EVS Exchange so far

·         To present UNIQUE Learning Badges as a tool supporting the learning in the international volunteering projects

3) Kicking off the GLOBAL PLACE PROJECT

·         To present the GLOBAL PLACE project

·         Increase knowledge on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), create network’s responds (i.g: Education programs and activities), and plan the celebration of European Year of Development.

·         To create the tools that can be included into the T-Kit on SDG

·         To discuss the content-related elements of the GLOBAL PLACE project






Please find below the draft of the programme of the conference. From this you can get the idea what topics we plan to cover and what are the expected results from this event.



8th of December

9th of December

10th of December

11th of December

12th of December

13th of December

14th of December

15th of December

16th of December


Arrival day






20:30 dinner in Lorca


23:00 Moving to Puntas de Calnegre

Presentation of the conference  and group building

Looking at the past – learning from best practices of our EVS projects

Presentation of GLOBAL Place Project

Working groups on the different content related parts of the Global Place project

Working on tools on SDGs for T-kit

Presentation of the new ERASMUS+ and EU Aid Volunteers programme

Summarising the future plans + ACTION DAY


Departure day


Group Building / Networking

Presentation of the UNIQUE Learning Badges as a tool to support and recognize the learning


Introduction to Sustainable Development


Working on tools on SDGs for T-kit

Bilateral talks – finding the networking possibilities

Moving to Lorca


Local Activity in Lorca & meeting with the local authorities










Farewell party


Expected results from the conference:

·         Partners are familiar with the GLOBAL PLACE project

·         Participants and the partner organization got to know each other and have identified fields for the possible future cooperation

·         There is a common understanding of the new ERASMUS+ programme and the action plan for the partnership for the future projects

·         Participants gained new competences from the area of Sustainable development and SDGs

·         The draft of the T-kit with tools on SDGs has been produced

·         The past EVS projects has been evaluated and the recommendation on running the EVS projects with the global dimension are done

·         Partners contributed to the development of the content of the project – ideas on the Sustainable Development campaign, web, local activities etc.








What to do when you arrive to Lorca


Since most of the people will be arriving around 20:00 or 22:00 in the night on 8th of December, we have decided that the first night we will spend in the hotel in Lorca, and then we will move to the conference place.


For those who will arrive at 20:00 or before we will recommend to go first to the hotel, and then we will meet at 21:30 at the dinner place. For those who will be arriving at 22:00 and later, we will invite you first to the dinner and then you will be accommodated in the hotel. The dinner place is very close to the train and bus station in Lorca.


Hotel in Lorca

Hotel Felix

Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas, 14
30800. Lorca, Murcia – España

We will do our best to find local volunteers who can transfer you from the bus/train station to the hotel. But from some of you we don´t have still clear information about the arrival in Lorca. So please if you would like to have someone to pick you up, please le tus know. If not there is as well the option of taxi.


Restaurant for the dinner

Restaurant name: Meson Lorquino

Alameda Menchiron 1, Bajo. 30800 Lorca (Murcia)


It is 2-3 minutes walking from train and bus station – please see the map below.


To walk from the hotel is as well easy and it takies about 20 min. You just need to find the main Street that is called avenida Juan Carlos I, and walk in the direction of Ovalo – that is a round with the statue of a guy on the hourseJ


Leaving to the conference place


We will have a rented bus that will pick us up at 10:00 in the morning in front of the hotel. Please don´t be lateJ

Where conference take place


The conference will take place in the village called Puntas de Calnegre. It is a place in the village on the beach and offers the nice spaces to be together, do the networking, and run activities. There is a bar and the shop in the village, and we can count on a lot of support from the people from the hostel especially with the special needs regarding food.

We are still negotiating with the hostel to have the whole place only for us, and to use all the facilities. The hostel has 9 double rooms with bathrooms, and 12 rooms with 4 beds with the shared bathrooms.

You can find the basic information in Spanish here:

What to bring


There is not much to prepare for the conference, but since all of us put into the expectations networking and getting to know other organizations we will plan some time to present all our organizations. Moreover the last day in Lorca we would like to organize the commong even with some local people to show what we are doing and hopefully to motivate youngsters to do volunteerting. Therefore we would like to ask you to bring:

·         Information about your organization

·         If you have some materials from the past EVS Project, best practices, lessons learnt etc. It will be very usefull

·         Any other materials about your organization and maybe as well country that can be usefull for the partnership and for the local event (please don´t expect a lot of people, we are small city, but for sure there will be a nice group coming)


Cheerish diversity – to enjoy the diversity of the people participating in the event we would like to ask you to bring some music from your country that you like.

 For your own confort:

·         Towel

·         Higene products


Weather condition


Winter in Spain exist!!! And maybe it is a bit warmer as in some parts of Europe, and during the day is usually sunny and enjoyable, the nights are very cold. So please get ready for this.


Here you can see the weather forecast for the week: